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  Friday, 19th of April, 2019    
Wireless Digital Pen mouse

DUO is the leading brand of wireless digital pen mouse that provides perfect tablet and mouse functions on usual laptops and computers at the most economical price range. DUO is enabling solution to make all Pcs become TABLET computers.

Technology Principle

Using technology tracking down pen position by calculating speed gap between ultrasonic waves and infrared rays.
The most economical price range among current tablet enabling technologies
Price-indifferent to increasing monitor size, thus suitable for large size
Fine writing system using absolute coordination in calculating pen location
Support virtual space usage by Hovering feature.
Positioning of Digital Pen enabling Technologies

Technology for combining Ultrasonic waves and infrared rays is the most cmpetitivbe solution applicable for enabling non-table PC to have full tablet functions

DUO pen mouse applies ultrasonic waves and infrared rays in order to actualise tablet functions. DUO’s technologies are protected under national and international patents and patents-pending.
DUO Advantages
Duo with low cost and high value
Duo in synergy with various applications
Duo with mouse & Tablet
Duo of Aero & Touch
Duo from soft & delicate writing
DUO Feature
Fine writing and drawing on screen and virtual space : maintain constant writing speed by tracking down pen location 80 times per second
Aero pen touch ; Able to use mouse and pen fucntions on screen or separate virtual space
Virtual writing pressure support : enabling pen-brush typed writing and drawing by patented technology of transforming speed into pressure
Microsoft Ink library Support : enabling smooth writing and drawings by fully utilizing microsoft ink Library
Word recognition : Hand wirting characters may be saved either as cursive letterings or ASCII charactrs.
Gesture recognition : able to move and scroll screen to right, left, up and drawn according to pen’s gesture
Note-taking : save notes directly into computer as users write on notebooks for later editing and using
Microsoft Windows Log Vertification : 100% support for Microsoft Windows Vista pen related functions by “Plug-n Play”
DUO Application Examples
DUO Pen Supporting Software
Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Visio) Adobe PDF Anotator
Microsoft MSN Ink Chatting Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Sticky Notes Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Journal Notes Nate-On Messenger
Microsoft Ink Desktop DUO Office Annotator for XP, Vista Home Basic
Microsoft Capture Tool DUO Ink Desktop for XP, Vista Home Basic
Microsoft Paint Various other user applications and gaming using mouse
Microsoft OneNote    
DUO ARGOS for Mobile
MiEmbedded / Built-in solution for laptops, monitors and mobile phones
All-in-one solution consists of one chip and sensors
Product difference and competitiveness by provinding perfect tablet fuctions
Lowest cost solution
Equivalent functions as DUO product
Class PMPB-01
(Digital pen using Battery)
Ink Ballpoint Pen Available (Q4)
Battery Type Lr41 Cell
Battery Type Lr41 Cell
Operating Power 4.5V
Battey operating time 20 Hr
Size L/Pi:130/6.5mm
* Subject to change without notification
Mouse combined with digital pen
Protect screen with soft pen tip
Right and left button of mouse function
Easy transformation into Automatic sleep mode and wake fuctnion
Double features as ink pen (require exclusive pen tip( & digital pen tip
Aero touch function
3 Battery Models : rechargeable battery, Cell battery and AAA type battery
DUO for laptop
Simple and stylish design with easy portability
Screen support up to maximum 15.4”
Easy to attach using magnet
Hassel-free one step installing
One step focus calibration using automatic LCD-pixel detection
Applicable to attach on 3 sides of laptop (Top, Left, Right)
Support stationary clip for Note-taking function
Sensor Type / Qty MEMS / 2 Virtual writing pressure Support
Infrared Type / Qty IRDA / 1 Air touch Support
Resolution 600 DPI Virtual working space A4~A5
Note Taking Support Operating Powder DC 5V (USB
WorkSpace 15.4” Operating Temperature 10*C~45*C
Connecting Type USB Size H/W/D:
Welcome to AVECO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ! The best Products in India