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  Friday, 19th of April, 2019    

The AVECO eGuru is a solid-state, impact-resistant, interactive whiteboard incorporating the most advanced and dynamic electromagnetic sensing technology. It is operated by an electronic pen which can detect the writing and drawing on the whiteboard quickly and accurately through a small magnetic field over the surface of the board. Due to the nature of this technology, its operation is unaffected by surface damage and it is particularly suited for the multipurpose classroom environment.
AVECO eGuru Software
1. Practical function
Our software provides additional functions such as handwriting recognition, geometrics recognition, reply, remote connecting, camera, compass, protractor, magnifier, set square recorder as well as offering additional practical operations.
2. Abundant teaching resources
The Aveco eGuru Interactive Whiteboard software provides numerous teaching functions covering art, geography, history, mathematics, science, technology and other disciplines.
3. Insert external resources as needed
In addition to the resources provided, users can insert supplemental external teaching tools such as images, flash, and video as needed, and establish a customized database.
Specifications :
Model AVECO eGuru SP77, SP85, SP101
Board Diagonal (inch) 77 85 101
Active Diagonal (inch) 71 78 95
Active Writing Area (mm) + 5mm 1456x1091 1600x1190 2103x1183
Packing Size(cm) + 2mm 166x132x12 186x139x12 235x139x12
New Weight (kg) + 1kg 16 17 23
Gross Weight (kg) + 2 Kg 25 29 32

The Dual Pen AVECO eGuru allows users to write with two pens simultaneously from anywhere on the board, which enables teacher and student, student and student to deliver their ideas on the board simultaneously improving class time efficiency.

Interactive, Creative, Effective, Collaborative

As the innovator of the dual pen interactive whiteboard adopting electromagnetic technology, AVECO eGuru Dual pen offers quick response, convenient operation and stable performance, thus creating an interactive, effective and collaborative teaching environment. This is a necessary consideration when upgrading your classroom.
Allows users to write with two pens simultaneously from anywhere on the board
Provides every fucntion of the standard AVECO eGuru including writing, drawing, supplementary teaching tools, networks, controlling software, and more.
Quick responsive, convenient operation, with highly stable performance.
A major breakthrough in the interactive whiteboard market.
Specifications :
Technology Electromagnetic
Orientation 6 Points
Operating System Windows 2000/XP/Vista/, Win7/Mac/Linux
Transmission interface Rs 232 - USB
Precision + 1 mm
Resolution 8192x8192
Working Electricity < 110mA
Working Voltage 5V + 0.5V
Model AVECO eGuru DP77, AVECO eGuru DP81, AVECO eGuru DP85, AVECO eGuru DP101
Welcome to AVECO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ! The best Products in India