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  Friday, 19th of April, 2019    

The AVECO eGuru Wireless Tablet WT81 is a new interactive device designed to promote mutual communication between the presenter and the audience. Wirelessly connected to the PC and the Aveco eGuru Wireless Tablet WT81.

Aveco eGuru Wireless Tablet WT81 empowers teachers to teach from anywhere in the classroom. Aveco eGuru Wireless Tablet WT81 is the perfect device for promoting maximum interactivity and mobility for classroom reaching and business presentation.
Control software applications, writes, draws, and highlights information wirelessly.
Allows for digital sketching. Handwriting, annotating, and editing from multiple places in a room.
Proves instant collaboration between teaches and students via shared control of digital content.
Integrated with voting features for real-time testing, empowers all participants to contribute their ideas in a free and direct way.
Allows students to respond to a variety of questions.
The precise and lightweight wireless pen provides the full functions of a mouse (including the hover function crucial to many applications.)
Specifications :
Transmission Interface IEEE802, 15.4
Working Principle Electromagnetic induction
Data - signaling Rate 57600 baud rate
Working Temperature -20*C – + 55*C
Resolution 100 Lines / mm
Read speed 180 pps
LCD Display 128*64 (Back Light)
Voltage 3.6V Ni-Mh Rechargeable
Electricity 110mA
Active Area 304.5mm * 230.5mm
Dimensions 370.0mm * 320.0mm
Weight 645 grams (without battery)
Welcome to AVECO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ! The best Products in India